Domain Name Tips
  •  Choose a domain name
    Choose a domain name that represents your visitors by asking who are the people who will visit your website and why do they visit it?
  • Your Domain is your Identity
    Choose a domain name which is close to your company name as possible if your company name is already established offline.
  •  The easier your domain the better
    Keep your domain names, short and simple. Make them easy for people to remember because people may misspell your domain if it's too long and complicated.
  •  Make use of Simple Words
    Don't use words that are spelt in two or more ways e.g. "" may also
    be spelt as "".
  •  Remember to Renew your domain
    You don't own your domain name forever. You are merely renting it for a specified period. Don't let your domain name expire or your competitors may snatch it out from
Domain Registration

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