How It Works


1. Your referred friend orders a webhosting/design package.


2. When filling the Order form, your friend must indicate your name in the Referral field.

3. For each new referred customer you bring, we will credit your FREE fastecash account 20% of the web hosting or web design fee.

4. Minimum payout is ₦2,000.

5. Payouts is for initial orders only

6. Open a FREE Fastecash account by clicking here.

7. Fill the Referral form quoting your Fastecash username by clicking here. By filling the form, you agree to the Referral Program Terms.



Who Can Participate


1. Anybody above the ages of 18 years can participate.

2. You can make as many referrals as possible.

3. You must have a FREE Fastecash account because payments are only made there.



Program Terms


1. Payments are only for initial payments not recurrent payments.


2. SWIFTWebsiteHost reserves the right to stop payments for violations to its Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy, for fraud, refunds, cancellations and charge-backs or a substantial change in business circumstances.


3. Payments are only made after referrals have been in good standing with SWIFTWebsiteHost for at least 30 days after order has been completed.


4. Details of the program are subject to change without notice.



Hosting Features

99% Uptime Guarantee Latest Panel
Apache/IIS Server
Spam Assassin etc